Amber Balderrama, Principal


A message from the principal, Amber Balderrama....

Welcome to the IME-JGI Unified Campus!

It is such a delight to be a part of the incredible CNP school community and the IME-JGI Unified Campus!  

The faculty and staff at Indian Meridian Elementary (IME) and James Griffith Intermediate (JGI), now referred to as the IME-JGI Unified Campus, provides your children a safe and fun learning environment.  We are long-standing Great Expectations Model Schools, and our campus has established high expectations for all our students while encouraging them to be fully engaged in the learning process.  We believe in helping all students, and we assist them to “reach” and “stretch” on their journey to academic excellence.

A school is only as successful as the community that surrounds it.  The IME-JGI Unified Campus is fortunate to have dedicated parents who encourage the success of their children and our school.  We have a hardworking and supportive PTO, teachers, and support staff who enthusiastically give their all each day.  By working together, we can form a partnership with the end goal of educated and happy children.

It’s an exciting time to be a “YELLOWJACKET,” and I am looking forward to a great school year!  Go Jackets!

“Together We Are Unstoppable – Together We Are Stronger!”


Danita Hollins IME-JGI Asst Principal

Danita Hollins
Assistant Principal

Wendy Eaton IME-JGI Asst. Principal

Wendy Eaton
Associate Principal

Lance Nuthman IME-JGI Asst Principal

Lance Nuthman
Assistant Principal

Sheridan Starr, Counselor

Shanna Keiffer, Counselor

Christine Todd, (IME)

Nancy Jackson, (IME)

Robin Erskine, (IME)

Carissa Chitty, (JGI)

Brandy Trotter, (JGI)

Jennifer Graziano, (JGI)